mother of pearl / perl(en)mutter / perlinmouter / mater perlarum / madreperla / perlemor / nacre / nakar ...

... my – so to speak – obsession for mother of pearl started during my studies in idar-oberstein, when i was looking for a pearl necklace – not a classical one. I wanted to do one on my own. visiting all the gemstone shops in idar-oberstein i found a beautiful shell: "pinctada Maxima" – from which i developed a pearl necklace, a chain made out of many oval rings cut out of the material. since then i work my way through the material. i re-interpret the theme of "pearl" by elaborating implied pearls but keeping them connected to the material. the result was, in particular, to accentuate the visual and haptic qualities of mother of pearl. i shape these "pearls" by my own, which are originally growing in the oyster or are coming out of the shell. it fascinates me to see the variety of the material, its luster, the sensitivity and brittleness.


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