solo / – movement

brooches – objects – screenprints

my work series solo/-movement is about materiality and movement. derived from the costumes of the triadic ballet – developed in the 1920s by the bauhaus artist oskar schlemmer and first performed in stuttgart, later also at the bauhaus in weimar – i design new, independent forms in graphics and objects. what interests me most about the dances are the shapes of the figurines and the movements of the dancers, which are often restricted by the rigid costumes. the stage performances which i’ve seen in museum presentations, photographs and film sequences inspired me to “translate” them into materials that were partly from the bauhaus period, e.g. galalith. 12 sculptural, small-format objects were created, some intended as body-related jewellery, others as wall objects. further integral parts of the work are multicoloured one-of-a-kind screen prints. the drawings and cut-outs that were created while working on the objects served as templates for the screenprintings.

solo_movement_prints solo_movement_prints solo_movement_prints solo_movement_prints


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